Tea for Coffee Drinkers

Tea for Coffee Drinkers

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Coffee is the steaming cup of energy that gets me going in the morning, as I’m sure many of you can relate. I have been a coffee drinker for what can feel like ages, but as much as I enjoy my large cup of coffee, I also enjoy a great cup of tea. For me, a cup of tea is …

Premiere Yarns by Deborah Norville

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One of the most wonderful ladies I have had the opportunity to meet and call my friend is Deborah Norville. You may know her as the two-time Emmy winning anchor of television’s Inside Edition, a top-rated syndicated newsmagazine, and New York Times best selling author. But what fascinated me about her was that she used sewing as her talent to …

Fried Green Tomatoes-Again this Summer

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You know my passion for fried green tomatoes and my love of Acre Restaurant in Auburn, Alabama. Well, our last visit was totally amazing. David Bancroft and his staff create the most wonderful occasions—even when we just drop in for dinner! Every visit is a special event. If you are near Auburn, Alabama you just have to go. We enjoyed …

It's Our Annual Christmas in July Sale!

It’s Our Annual Christmas in July Sale!

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It’s that time of year again, when the bells are ringing, the snow is falling and the children anxiously wait for Santa to arrive. I’m only teasing! Although, here in the Hoffman Media office it sure feels like Christmas while we finalize each wonderful holiday issue. Like every year, we couldn’t help but spread the holiday cheer with our wonderful …

Celebrating Red Lipstick and Michael Marcus

Celebrating Red Lipstick and Michael Marcus

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You know how I love red lipstick, high heels, and big hair–the mark of a true southern lady. My grandmother Norton must have put on her red lipstick every morning as she opened her eyes. I can’t remember ever seeing her without it. I just loved it then and I love it now. I was going through some files the …

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

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I love a good strawberry dessert. I remember my Grandmother Norton’s strawberry ice cream that she made in the freezer of her refrigerator. She had a small aluminum loaf pan that she used for her ice cream. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the whole recipe. All I know is that it had sweetened condensed milk and strawberries and that it didn’t …

Independence Day Décor

Independence Day Décor

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This weekend, I encourage you to invite friends, family and neighbors to enjoy in the holiday festivities. Offering a front-row seat for all the outdoor activities, the front porch is the perfect spot to spend this Independence Day. Whether you are enjoying a BBQ feast or sharing a collection of irresistible snacks, make the most of your celebration with summertime …

Hydrangeas as Far as You Can See

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Hydrangeas are one of those flowers that will forever fascinate me! There are so many colors, shapes and sizes. I have even watched friends change the colors of their beautiful blooms by putting iron in the dirt, how crazy! Before planting her first hydrangea bush in 1989, Wendy White was never much of a gardener. In the years since, her …

Afternoon Tea to Commemorate the Milestones of Life

Afternoon Tea to Commemorate the Milestones of Life

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What better way to celebrate life’s special events than with afternoon tea? Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, and retirements of people dear to us call for tea parties, with table settings and delectable fare in keeping with the occasions. Whether casual or formal, modern or traditional, serving four or 400, afternoon tea provides a memorable experience for all ages and genders. After …

Susan Currie’s Style Secrets

Susan Currie’s Style Secrets

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The style of your home is a personal decision. Some pieces in our homes are gifted or passed down, others are instant favorites that were worth the splurge, but they are all a piece of the larger puzzle we call our lives. A great interior designer beautifies and enhances this style without losing the true feel of a home. Too …